Inbound Marketing Empowered by Social Media

Why it works
Each of us is barraged with an estimated 2,000 ads and commercial messages each day.  We do what we can to turn them off or tune them out.  

Instead, we have turned to searching online and through our social media feeds for what we value – what we find authentic and worth our attention or purchase. 
Inbound marketing defined
Traditional event marketing pushes messages to target audiences through a variety of conventional channels.  

In contrast, inbound marketing attracts  those targeted audiences by offering valued content through social media.
  1. Do your homework
    Successful inbound marketers don't need to guess what their target audience values. They know because they've asked them. Through focus groups, structured interviews, market research. They know because the inbound marketing team already has drawn on past experience with their audience.
  2. Offer valued content
    Inbound marketing rests on connecting with an audience's interests and needs. You say what your audience is anxious to hear. And in the form they want to hear it – the written word, images, video.
  3. Use hub-and-spoke design
    Once you have compelling content, post it on all available social media platforms. But ensure that all of those postings direct interested individuals back to your website to get the content.
  4. Get found
    Search is the key that connects interested individuals with your content – and with you. Your content must be visible to the right audience at the right time. And it must be visible and attractive on all devices – mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop.
  5. Adopt SEO best practices
    Search engine optimization (SEO) powers whether you get found at the right time. Rigorously apply SEO methods. Ensure that search-engine crawlers effectively index all the important content you deploy. Associate key words with your content that make it more likely to be found.
  6. Attract...then delight
    Inbound marketing's ultimate goal is a long-term relationship. That loyalty rests on more than just delivering what you promise. It's nurtured by ongoing interaction that draws your target audience members closer to you and draws you closer to them.